As most of you already know, another fake blogger has been ratted out. Where there’s one, there are probably five more. Perhaps if there was a blog like this one–maybe “The Jo Tales”–some people would not have been so easily fooled.

Very similar stories: Blogger garners sympathy by writing about sickness and/or death; steals other people’s photos and claims them as his own; has correspondences with REAL people based on this false identity; makes plans to meet these REAL people in person and stands them up every single time.

Interestingly, a lot of “Steve’s” current commenters/supporters/enablers were among those deceived by this Nicky character. Some of them were even “shocked” and “outraged.” Hopefully they won’t be so gullible with all of Steve’s lies in the future. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me–right?

The major difference between “Nicky” aka Jo and “Steve/Joshua/The_Gay_Dude” aka Mark Whitecotton is that Jo finally admitted what she did and (we hope) is seeking help. Mark, on the other hand, has never admitted ANY wrongdoing and continues to blog as this “Steve” character, with occasional appearances in his comments from his other fake personalities.

Jo has even gotten some sympathy because of her obvious issues. But that’s only happening because she was honest for once–at least to some degree.

As far as we know, Jo never concocted another vicious blog to trash the real people who dared question the authenticity of his outrageous claims. “Steve Rebooted” did just that using his other persona “Joshua” (again, located on the left side of his brain, above the ear). That blog–in which he tries to squirm his way out of lie after lie after lie, while disparaging real people–is still LIVE. Nice guy, huh?

I’m glad Jo came clean. If only Mark had enough balls and respect for himself and his readers to do the same thing. Perhaps then, there would be no need for this blog, either. But until that magical day…we offer The Whitecotton Tales.


Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about everyone’s favorite fake blogger. We’ve just been bored with him as of late. That doesn’t mean he hasn’t been lying the past few months. His posts just haven’t been worth the time to write about. I mean, he’s only been pistol-whipped and abducted ONCE since we last spoke! The rest of his drivel has included such “hilarious” and thought-provoking posts about taking a shit. He’s the gay, off-his-meds Sinbad!

The good news is his vicious personality “Joshua” (located in the left side of his brain, above the ear) has “stopped” blogging. We’ll see how long he can suppress that personality from assaulting us again from his keyboard. We’re guessing he will be back, similar to The_Gay_Dude coming back from the dead and managing a Starbucks by the harbor.

“Steve” has supposedly moved to the DC area for a four-month stay before he packs up his lies and releases them onto Seattle. I think we all know where his temporary residence will be in Washington, DC.

We told you a month ago, “Steve’s” clean slate would be a sham. He can change the name to Steve Rebooted all he wants, but he can’t stop lying.

First off, his name is still not Steve. It’s Mark Whitecotton or Marc Whitecotton, depending on how close the FBI is onto his trail.

The past couple of weeks “Steve” has polluted the Internet with FOUR additional blogs:


I’m sure he’s created other fake blogs recently that we haven’t identified yet. Why does he do this? He does it to lead even more innocent people down his dreary road of deceit. I guess having a profile on his main fake site wasn’t enough. He HAD to create another blog specifically for his profile.

And those are all under his Steve moniker, which is hilarious since it’s not even his real name. He even admits it! Using the right side of his brain, his evil personality “Joshua” whines:

“As I stated before, Mark Whitecotton was a fucking username.  Just like Joshua Luetkemeyer is a username, and Steve Pulignani!” 

Who uses real names as “usernames”? That’s right, liars do.  See, the problem Mark, is when you call yourself Steve on your blog, or in your emails using Steve Pulignani, or when you talk on the phone with someone and refer to yourself as Steve — people might believe your name is Steve and not realize that its really just some harmless, bizarre “username”.

Let us assist you Mark in coming up with more appropriate actual usernames for your blogs. How about “liebag” or “IProbablyWillNeverBeHonest” or “Baltimore Britney” or “Sleazy Cymbalta” or “The_Gay_Douche”? Take your pick. If you insist on using someone’s real name as your username, we suggest OJ Simpson or John Wayne Gacy. No one will ever know.

Since you stole Ard Hoyt’s pictures to pretend you looked like him, why don’t you make the identity theft complete and call yourself Ard Hoyt?

Let’s take a look again at Ard Hoyt:

You remember using these photos on your blog, don’t you? It was always amusing when people would comment about how good looking you were in these photos and you would respond with a “Thanks!” or maybe a “Spanks!” and then include a cute little smiley face next to it. There was never a mention of “That’s not me! I’m just using it as a placeholder for when I have enough courage to show people what I really look like:

Mark Whitecotton

But “Steve” wants to “move on” from getting caught in that major lie. He has rebooted and is starting fresh. Forget all those silly lies, peeps! Let’s focus on the here and now. So we will…

A Fact About “Steve” #1, March 2008:

“Steve” would like everyone to congratulate him for receiving his 10,000 comment! A boy can dream, right? Your blog, Defying Reality, was launched a year and a half ago around the time you killed off your other personality via cancer, Marc/The_Gay_Dude. 10,000 comments would equal 22 comments every single day. Honey, you’re no Joe.My.God. Please do the math. Anyone can review your site to see that you’re not even close to 10,000 comments, not even half that. Besides, half of your comments were written by the other twisted personalities in your head so they are null and void. Try again.

He has not received 10,000 comments. He is still lying to everyone.

A Fact About “Steve” #2, March 2008:

Occasionally “Steve” puts on a dress with shoulder pads, sits down at his computer, rolls his eyes back into his head, and channels a female personality he calls “Erin.” He usually does this when he’s desperate for comments or to prove he and his other personalities are actually different people and can corroborate fake events, if necessary. This month we saw the Return of Erin in his comments:

Mark Whitecotton’s girly side

There is so much going on here. Please note the first comment is by his other personality “Gary“. Then “Erin” tries to make “Steve” seem real by referencing the “drama” and invoking the name of Mark Whitecotton’s evil persona “Josh“. Even Sybil would roll her eyes and say, “I can’t comprehend this madness.” But Mark Whitecotton can! He’s become a pro at it through the years before someone finally called him on his bullshit, thank you very much.

To summarize, “Erin”, “Gary”, “Joshua” and “Steve” are all the same crazy Mark Whitecotton. He is still lying to everyone.

A Fact About “Steve” #3, March 2008:

“Steve” lied about a murder last July and the subsequent trials he had to attend to generate sympathy for himself. When he got caught in the lie and couldn’t prove that such an event took place, he for the most part, stopped talking about it. Instead of telling his readers where or when the trials and murder took place, he ignored it, hoping it would go away; however, realizing he had several gullible people who still believed his fake story, he knew he would have to allude to it occasionally. And, lucky for us, he did!

I lie about murders too!

Now he’s bringing his family, friends and neighbors into the mess he fabricated. So sick. You can read all about this fake murder and its aftermath in our investigative report here!

“Steve” is still trying to pretend he was involved in a murder trial that never happened. He is still lying to everyone.

A Fact About “Steve” #4, March 2008:

A gentleman with the USERNAME photogreg recently commented the following on one of “Steve’s” awful blogs, but it’s “Steve’s” response that made us vomit:

“damn…i’m disappointed. i thought the youtube video was going to be of you and D! i’m sorry you never had an Easter basket. my mom created amazing ones when i was a kid. except i was always pissed when my chocolate rabbit was hollow!”

Steve says, “Unlike some people who feel a need to broadcast their lives beyond words, I’m not one of them I’m just not that self-absorbed not that there’s anything wrong with narcissim, it’s just not my thing). Although a video would’ve been cool, if I had such equipment. Not so much for blogland to see, but for my own personal memories. So, maybe I’ll have to repeat the song, and see if I can get it on video? If so, I guess I’ll share? Anyhow, I love cadbury easter eggs. In fact, I’m gonna go buy one now!”

Poor photogreg must still believe “Steve” looks like this if he wants to see him and his imaginary boyfriend do it on film:

But as we all now know, he doesn’t look a thing like that. More proof that using Ard Hoyt’s photos have led many astray.

Let’s review again what “Steve” said: “Unlike some people who feel a need to broadcast their lives beyond words, I’m not one of them I’m just not that self-absorbed (not that there’s anything wrong with narcissim, it’s just not my thing). “

Could he be a bigger douchebag? If someone is going to use photos to represent himself, DON’T FUCKING STEAL SOME OTHER GUY’S PHOTOS!!!  And he IS broadcasting his life all over the Internet, but it’s a completely false representation of who he really is, even the most mundane shit he lies about!!!

The kicker is “I’m just not that self-absorbed.” HILARIOUS. He just launched four other blogs about himself. Could he be any more self-absorbed?!?

“Steve” has rebooted and started fresh with several more lies. You’re off to a great start, “Steve”!

Mark is a narcissistic, delusional, deceitful, sick man who needs be locked up in a rehab — away from ALL computers — until he can get his mind right. We all know, he’s too far gone to acknowledge that.

If anyone out there has actually met the REAL Mark Whitecotton aka Steve/Joshua/Gary/Erin/The_Gay_Dude, please email us with info at whitecottontales at gmail dot com.

Yes, a childish title. But when dealing with Mark Whitecotton, sometimes you have to stoop to childish behavior.

 Let’s look at his most recent entry, and examine the lies or plain stupidity.

1). Mark Whitecotton bitches that The Whitecotton Tales is blocked on the Way Back Machine internet archive. For his information, there is a six month delay before the website shows archived pages. Whitecotton Tales is only four months old.

In any case, when the address was put in, this is what the search engine said:


Whitecotton Tales suggests that Mark (AKA “Steve” “Josh” and “Gary”) wait a couple of months to enjoy the archived website. Or, since only minor editorial changes have been made to the site since it was created, he can enjoy browsing through all of the interesting entries chronicling his various blogs and lies.

2). Whitecotton Tales did not mention that cute usage of Ard Hoyt’s photo inside the television (so clever!). In discussing the disappearing Ard Hoyt’s photographs, it was the Twitter and MyBlogLog websites that were clearly being referred to (and screen captured). Also mentioned was the lengthy use of Ard Hoyt’s two photographs as profile pictures stretching back to at least June 2006 up until February 29, 2008. 

“Steve” used the two photographs in many different places. Here’s an example, on February 28, 2008, Mark Whitecotton, as “Steve,” left a comment on a very well read (and respected!) blog. The screen capture, presented below, clearly shows that “Steve” was using Ard Hoyt’s picture as his avatar. on that date.


Granted, many people use illustrations or cartoons as avatars. However, the use of the photograph in “Steve’s” profile on his website, on the Twitter page, and so on, all point out one thing. FRAUD.

3). Lastly, but certainly not leastly, the most ridiculous statement, presented in the following screen grab:


Oh yeah, the “I was hacked” explanation. Uh huh. Right.

So Mark Whitecotton, you still haven’t explained why you were using Ard Hoyt’s pictures and claiming they were your own. They were displayed on your blog for over a year-and-a-half. And your “Josh” personality (what a douche, in our editorial opinion) and your “Gary” personality (whatever happened to that dullard?) have never explained how they could read your ‘blog’ and not ask you what was going on, especially since “Josh” supposedly lived in your house for such a long time.

But again, “Steve,” “Gary,” and “Josh” (and don’t forget not-dead-Marc) are all the same person, so there you have it.

Mark Whitecotton’s “Steve” persona writes: “I was half-asleep when my  boyfriend whispered in my ear, “I love you.”  Frequently, it’s the little things, bringing so much mirth. “

 Actually, Whitecotton Tales suspects he said, “I love you Ard.”

 So “Steve’s” boyfriend of seven or eight months never asked “Steve” why all of his online profiles used Ard Hoyt’s photos?  That’s super weird. Most boyfriends wouldn’t put up with that sort of thing. Especially since “Steve” directed viewers to the profiles from his website and those pictures only disappeared on the day someone pointed out the true identity of the person (another super weird moment).

And how come “Joshua” never bothered to notice that “Steve” used someone else’s pictures? They were on “Steve’s” blog for a couple of years. The same “Joshua” who used to claim he was a “seeker of truth” on his profile (third super weird thing).

Well, so difficult to keep track of lies. Best way to solve that is to alter past entries or make them disappear completely. So smart to have printed out every single entry from The Way Back Machine. And all of those damn screen captures catalogued by fake blog and date (sometimes three or four for the same entry!) (fourth weird thing).

 Best way to prove that some one is a multi-personality liar is to document every little thing. And just sit back and wait for the e-mails to slowly trickle in saying things like, “Maybe you should search for an author named Ard Hoyt” or “Look at the bizarre comment string on this blog.”

Yes, the best thing is just to sit back and wait, because you never know what will turn up next. That’s when the real mirth starts.

Marc Whitecotton’s least likable personality in his head “Joshua” has apparently been torturing other bloggers with his typical non-sensical, long-winded rants for years. A gracious reader just tipped us off to these two posts from a blog in Germany in which “Joshua” is going apeshit in the comments section. The blogger eloquently dissects “Joshua’s” insults and accusations like a pro. It’s a must-read!!!



Now compare that meltdown with his most recent ridiculously long rant where he insists the bloggers who exposed him as a fraud apologize to him and a number of other imaginary people for all the damage we caused for telling the truth to the world about this pathological liar. It’s so insane! You can read it here on “Joshua’s” “protest” blog (as he calls it). If you don’t want to infect your computer by visiting his incoherent vomit, here are just a few of his hilarious demands:

“You will apologize for harassing Steve, me, and all the other bloggers that you’ve accused of being us since this drama began?”

“You will apologize to Steve’s neighbors who had to deal with the crazies that showed up at his doorstep – thanks to you guys – whenever he wasn’t home?”

You will apologize to my Sister-in-Law, who in a moment of grief visited our blogs to see you once again accuse Steve of lying.  You know when you harassed us, trolling our comments on our blogs stating that my Sister-in-Law’s other half did not die, and that Steve and I were big fat liars?

You’ll apologize for all the lies you’ve told to ‘prove’ that we’re frauds?

That’s like Milli Vanilli asking for an apology for being outed as a fraud — and girl, you know it’s true, we exposed you!

The audacity and insanity of these silly demands do not require a response. We proved he was a complete fraud here, here, here, here, and oh, here, too, so we know who owes who an apology, and the list of those duped by his bullshit is quite extensive. We will never apologize for exposing the truth.

The only crazies showing up at your residence are the ones screaming in your head. But it would be a hoot if Baltimore offered Marc Whitecotton Bus Tours of the Insane, so people could get a glimpse of the infamous Internet troll and the place where he concocts his deceitful stories.

If anyone finds more evidence of his imaginary personalities harassing others or going apeshit, or if anyone has a photo of the real Marc Whitecotton, please email it to whitecottontales at gmail dot com or leave a comment. We think it’s only fair to send Ard Hoyt his photo so Ard can use it in any way he pleases.

Pathological liars, like notorious fake blogger Mark Whitecotton, dribble out the drama bit by bit. He thrives on the attention and pity after he posts an outlandish story, and when it dies down, a new drama is developed.

 The faked mugging/murder incident of July 2007 evolved into a trail/preliminary hearing in August 2007, then a pair of trials in January 2008 (were the teenagers convicted?), and now it has become an episode of  Law and Order: Special Victim’s Unit- “Liar.” Note to Mark, it is impossible to acquire HIV through a ficticious event.

“Where’s the proof it didn’t happen?” Mark Whitecotton’s “Steve” persona or his “Joshua” troll or maybe his “Gary” queen will say. Well, ficticious events don’t leave paper trails, therefore there is no proof. But you can examine data collected in newspaper archives and county criminal courts and determine that no little girl was murdered on July 17, 2007. And since no murder ever happened, why should anyone believe that “Steve” was mugged and raped? If it truly happened, “Steve” could provide the name of the victim (he supposedly attended her wake and met her parents at the first trial/hearing) and clear up the whole “misunderstanding.” But since the event never happened, Mark Whitecotton as “Steve” will never provide that one tidbit of data.

Considering all of the other lies- the death of “Marc” and the use of Ard Hoyt’s pictures on the “Steve” blog and numerous online profiles, why do a small handful of people still believe that Mark Whitecotton’s blogs are real people? That’s certainly a wonder, but then many people also believe in Santa and Satan during some phases of their life.